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Iles Des Chenes Fire Hall

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Mechanical Engineer – Laufer Enterprises

Project Details:

The Rural Municipality of Ritchot approached Southern Comfort Mechanical to be part of a team focused on installing a district geothermal system in the town of Ile Des Chenes. The proposal was to tie the Arena, Fire Hall and Community Centre into a common ground loop. The benefit of this system is that it provides the ability to transfer heat from one building to another via the common ground loop, thereby significantly increasing the system coefficient of performance.

Design Challenge:

The geothermal system for the fire hall required space heating and air conditioning, and needed to maintain temperatures with the high load of ventilation required by a public fire hall building. With the full building loads calculated, it was determined that with two WaterFurnace 6.0 ton heat pumps, plus the added efficiency of a common ground loop all the heating and cooling parameters could be achieved.

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