Crown Heights Apartments

Date completed
September 2022
Project in Progress

Project Description

From the outset, this design-build project provided some challenges that SCMI had to overcome. The project was built through the Covid-19 pandemic which brought about many supply chain issues and prompted some changes in the workflow during construction. However, our team thrives on challenges and with foresight and careful planning, we were able to deliver and install preferred Lennox HRV Lifebreath systems that provide fresh air indoors while conserving energy. SCMI also installed a custom-designed controls logic that allows fresh air in the hallways to be heated or cooled as needed, while minimizing energy use.


Date Completed

September 2022


General Contractor

Mechanical Engineer



2600 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg, MB

Number of Units/ Square Footage

124 residential units / 730-1292 s.f.