Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Simply put, geothermal is an energy- and cost-efficient form of heating and cooling that pumps heat into or out of the Earth. Energy is exchanged between the building and the ground via high-density polyethylene pipes. These pipe loops carry a heat-transfer fluid (usually composed of water and antifreeze), which extracts ground heat and brings it to the surface. Heat is distributed throughout the home via forced air or a hydronic system.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating & Cooling


Manitoba has the highest per capita number of geothermal installations in North AmericaThe Province of Manitoba offers a 15% rebate on geothermal systems, and any province-funded project is mandated for geothermal feasibility.


In comparison with a conventional electric or natural gas heating system, a geothermal heat pump can cut your annual space heating costs by up to 50% to 70%. Geothermal is highly cost-efficient, paying back its initial cost over time.

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal is green technology. Soil below the frost line has a relatively stable year-round temperature. Geothermal heat pumps draw on these temperatures, minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Geothermal heat pumps move heat into the house in winter and out of the house in summer, eliminating the need for and costs associated with separate air conditioning.


Inert piping is good for 100 years and designed to withstand freezing. More than a million operating geothermal units worldwide have proven it to be a reliable choice.


Compared to conventional heating systems, a geothermal heat pump system provides more consistent and even heat distribution throughout your home.

Why choose SCMI for your geothermal solutions?

Manitoba has the highest per capita number of geothermal installations in North America, and Southern Comfort is the leader in Manitoba’s geothermal industry. We spearhead innovation, provide education, initiate growth, and promote the development of geothermal projects in our province.

Over the past decade, SCMI has been involved with various levels of government and regulatory boards to ensure that geothermal technology benefits are used to their full potential in Manitoba.

We take pride in the integrity of our business, and strongly believe in the value that geothermal energy brings to Manitoba. We stand by our expertise in systems design, and our promise, “Guaranteed operation to design intent.”

We were also  invited to take part in a feasibility study in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to further our understanding of this emerging technology and share our expertise with others. We were also selected as the preferred contractor to work with Manitoba First Nations Communities and install the first multi-unit geothermal system in Northern communities.

We were impressed with Southern Comfort Mechanical and the knowledge they conveyed regarding geothermal systems [...] They provided superior service through the design and proposal stages and reaffirmed their knowledge throughout the project.
Lance and Jennifer, Stony Mountain, Manitoba
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Commercial Offering

We will work with you to evaluate the best method to meet your building heating and cooling loads and determine if the loads can be reduced significantly, then we can begin the process of designing a suitable geothermal system. Often, architects and general contractors approach us with plans specifying conventional equipment, looking for information on the costs and requirements to change the scope to include geothermal heating and cooling. Our team will review your plans and test your building site to determine whether a geothermal system is an attractive option for your project.

Residential Offering

Our residential clients range from master homebuilders to individual clients building or upgrading their own home. We can retrofit your existing system to provide you with a more energy-efficient geothermal solution that will pay itself off over time with saved costs.

Grants & Incentives
Manitoba Hydro Commercial Incentive ProgramManitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program
Resources / Additional Info
Manitoba Geothermal Energy AllianceCanadian GeoExchange CoalitionInternational Ground Source Heat Pump Association.