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Dan and Lisa


Project Details: This 1418 square foot home was previously heated with an electric furnace. With an upgrade to a geothermal system, the projected payback period is just under 6 years, with annual estimated savings of approximately $1,200.

Design Challenge: Since this home was in a new subdivision, the customer requested that extreme care be taken to avoid damaging the neighbours property when installing the vertical heat exchanger in the back yard. Additionally, since the basement was partially framed, the location of our heat pump needed to fit in the space originally designed for an electric furnace.

Solution: Drillers were notified of the customer’s request to ensure that no heavy equipment disrupted the neighbour’s property, or caused a mess on the street. The heat pump and ductwork connections were designed to allow for adequate airflow while maintaining the same footprint as the original electric furnace. The end result is a system that runs efficiently while utilizing existing ductwork.

“Southern Comfort Mechanical installed a geothermal system in our home as a retrofit approx 2 months ago. They were recommended to us by a neighbor and proved to be professional and courteous. The installation was clean and components well placed. The system is working well.” – Dan and Lisa

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