Pine Falls Geothermal

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For this home in Pine Falls, Southern Comfort Mechanical designed a large ground loop and four geothermal heat pumps to serve the 12,000+ sq. ft. home and a large pool.

During the preliminary design stages of this project, we calculated that utilizing electric furnaces for the HVAC requirements would require an extensive upgrade to the hydro service to the home. Since this was cost-prohibitive, we explored a geothermal heating and cooling option.

The HVAC system was designed with a total of four heat pumps, two electric furnaces and mini-split air conditioning for the theatre room. The pool room geothermal was designed to heat the pool, heat and cool the pool room air, and dehumidify the space.


Private client

Private client

Date Completed



Residential - Geothermal, electric furnaces, air conditioning

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Mechanical Engineer



Pine Falls, Manitoba

Number of Units/ Square Footage

>12,000 square feet