Niverville Heritage Centre

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The Niverville Heritage Centre was the first large scale multi-unit residential geothermal job installed by Southern Comfort Mechanical. This installation was key in allowing our company to take on other complex geothermal installations.

The mechanical system for the Heritage Centre is a central plant geothermal system that uses a 100-foot-deep vertical ground loop. The central heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system increases efficiency,  with individual fan coils capable of simultaneous heating and cooling in each suite.

The benefit of this  geothermal system is that it can transfer energy within the building to heat and cool various parts at the same time. When it does this, there is a reduced load on the ground loop, allowing the system coefficient of performance to increase. Due to the central plant, the building can heat and cool various parts of the building at the same time.


Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc.

Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc.

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Commercial - Mixed use, medical, residential, hospitality

General Contractor

Von Ast Construction

Mechanical Engineer



MMP Architects


100 Heritage Trail, Niverville

Number of Units/ Square Footage

>140,000 square feet