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Previously heated with an oil/electric furnace, this 2100 sq. ft. home required a 5.0-tonne geothermal system to prevent heat loss in our climate.

The challenge with this project was that the original ductwork was designed for an oil/electric furnace with higher air temperatures than a geothermal unit. As a result, the existing ductwork was restrictive for the size of the system required. When retrofitting a geothermal system into existing ductwork, upgrades often need to be made to accommodate the higher airflows and lower temperatures associated with heat pumps.

To solve this issue, Southern Comfort Mechanical removed much of the ductwork in the mechanical room and replaced it with larger ductwork. Canvas connections were installed to minimize vibrations throughout the ductwork. The end result is an installation that utilized much of the existing ductwork, while upgrading necessary components to ensure adequate airflow.


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Private client

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Stoney Mountain, Manitoba

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2,100 square feet