Johnson Waste Management Head Office and Service Bays

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This was designed as a flagship building for Johnson Waste Management. The offices are heated and cooled with geothermal water-to-air systems, and the workshop and wash bay are heated with natural gas unit heaters and a high-efficiency gas boiler for the floor.

This mechanical system was originally designed as 100% geothermal for the office and shop; however, initial testing showed that there was not enough well water volume on site to support a full geothermal system. We adapted the system design to have conventional heating and cooling in the shop and geothermal in the office. The wells were abandoned completely, and a horizontal push was done for the office.

The client upgraded the overhead doors in the service area to fully retract to the ceiling. This greatly reduced the amount of wall space available to use for exhaust ductwork. Steel beams throughout the structure surrounding the doors further restricted the area available for exhaust. Southern Comfort Mechanical designed a solution to be able to exhaust the same volume of air with a much smaller wall penetration than originally required.


Johnson Waste Management

Johnson Waste Management

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Commercial - Industrial

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Ernst Hansch Construction

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BP Designs


David Goyer


195 Discovery Pl, Winnipeg

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