Boné Ritchot Timber Frame Home

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Southern Comfort Mechanical worked in conjunction with the homeowner and builder to install a full plumbing package and a forced air geothermal heating and cooling system in this custom timber frame home.

This custom home was built with exposed beams and beautiful tongue and groove floors. As the plumbing and HVAC contractor, SCMI was asked to design a system that worked effectively without having exposed ductwork, or any visible plumbing. Further complicating the install was the fact that the main floor was designed as slab-on-grade, making it impossible to run conventional ductwork beneath the floor.

As a solution, we installed custom pipes within the concrete slab to distribute air throughout the home, with custom adjustable sleeves designed to float to the right height when the concrete was poured. Time was spent on-site working together with the homeowner and builder to come up with solutions to minimize exposed water and drainage lines. The result is a beautiful home with a high end mechanical system, and no compromise on comfort or function.


Rene Ritchot and Rocio Boné

Rene Ritchot and Rocio Boné

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Residential - Plumbing and geothermal forced air

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Southeastern Manitoba

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