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Partners Mel Buhler and Paul Neufeld first entered the industry predominantly installing conventional HVAC equipment. As a result, Southern Comfort Mechanical now installs a wide range of conventional heating and cooling and ventilation equipment for commercial, agricultural and industrial projects. For many of the conventional HVAC project we install, we are also able to complete a comprehensive analysis to determine if a geothermal system has an attractive payback period. All SCMI projects are managed by a key team with many years of combined experience and training. We share our expertise with owners, developers, and general contractors, in design-build, negotiated, or plan-and-specification projects. An on-site foreman leads every construction crew, and our plumbing and sheet metal superintendents manage every project. Each is an experienced project manager whose attention to detail produces excellence in cost and quality control.

Many of our Conventional HVAC clients also request that we offer custom tailored preventative maintenance programs to ensure the system is operating as designed. When you choose a mechanical contractor that is reliable, responsive and resourceful, you’ll get smarter solutions. Your building works better and costs decrease. That’s why many building owners and managers choose Southern Comfort Mechanical

Our service department also offers technical support, professional guidance, and system training. Ongoing training keeps SCMI professionals up-to-date on the latest technology and safety within our industry. Our 24 hour service offers our customers piece of mind through around-the-clock guaranteed response.