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Southern Comfort Mechanical is a leader in Manitoba’s geothermal industry: spearheading innovation, supplying leadership and providing education. We are committed to ensure growth and continuing development of geothermal projects in our province. As a company, we take pride in the integrity of our business, and strongly believe in the value that geothermal energy brings to Manitoba.

Over the past decade, Southern Comfort Mechanical has been involved with various levels of government and regulatory boards to ensure that geothermal technology, and its advantages are used to the fullest extent possible in Manitoba. To further our understanding of the technology, and to share our expertise on this emerging technology with others, Southern Comfort Mechanical was invited to take part in a feasibility study in Dubai, United Arab Emirites. We were also selected as the preferred contractor to work with Manitoba First Nations Communities by installing the first multi-unit geothermal system in Northern Communities.

Designing and installing a geothermal system requires a review of the heating and cooling loads of the entire building. We will work with you to evaluate the best method to meet the building heating and cooling loads. Our analysis will include a review of the entire building plans to determine if the loads can be reduced significantly. Once the building loads are determined, we can begin the process of designing a suitable geothermal system. Often, Architects and General Contractors approach us with plans specifying conventional equipment, looking for information on the costs and requirements to change the scope to include geothermal heating and cooling. Our team will review your plans and test your building site to determine whether a geothermal system is an attractive option for your project.

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