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Mapleton Lane Housing

Fully integrated central plant geothermal system with a shallow closed vertical ground loop. The ground loop on this project is installed around the perimeter of the building.

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Niverville Heritage Centre

This mechanical system is a Central plant geothermal system, with individual fan coils capable of simultaneous heating and cooling in each suite. The vertical ground loop Vertical. 100 FT boreholes. Central HRV system to increase efficiency.

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South East Farm Equipment

Southern Comfort Mechanical won the bid to install a geothermal system in this Farm Equipment Dealership. The building is a 40,000 sq/ft building, heated predominantly with geothermal radiant floor heat. The 20,000 sq/ft shop area, and 10,000 sq/ft parts area are heated with radiant flooring and the 10,000 sq/ft office area is heated and cooled with geothermal water to air systems.

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